Vienna Contemporary 2018

The gallery presents three Austrian artists whose common constant is the geometric and constructive abstraction:Hildegard Joos, Christian Hutzinger and Georg Salner. Hildegard Joos, the grande dame and pioneer of geometrical abstraction and constructivism in Austria, had created a specific vocabulary of forms. Thus, she took great influence on the coming generation. Christian Hutzinger's painting, for example, moves in the field of tension between abstraction and object. Like Hildegard Joos, he also gives his work a formal and reduced character. However, its formal language is the result of a fusion of personal memories and general associations with the digital sign language of media reality. Similar to Hutzinger, Georg Salner also creates a synthesis between abstraction and figuration. Inspired by IT and media worlds, his work is based on analog and digital, manually and industrially manufactured, found and self-produced materials. The juxtaposition of a concise exhibition by means of concise works, if only as an example, provides an overview of the oeuvre of two generations of artists whose work occupies an important position within Austrian art.

Presented Artists

Christian Hutzinger, Hildegard Joos, Georg Salner