Robert Zeppel-Sperl

Robert Zeppel-Sperl, born in the early 1960s, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under professors such as Maximilian Melcher and Max Weiler. His breakthrough came in May 1968 at the legendary Secession exhibition "Realities," marking a transition in Austrian painting towards an expanded concept of art.

He integrated influences from Old Masters like Hieronymus Bosch and contemporary elements of the international art world into his work. Themes such as Flower Power and social criticism shaped his art.

After moving to Venice in 1969 and later stays in the USA, he lived and worked in Bali from 1991 onwards. Encounters with new places and cultures influenced his work, characterized by an enormous wealth of ideas.

Zeppel-Sperl's art is distinguished by a spirit of renewal and independence, documented from a young age.

Selected Works

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