Florian Lang, born in 1978 in Güssing and raised in Stinatz (Burgenland), is an Austrian artist who explores in his work the human being and their artificial worlds, their inclination towards staging and self-staging, consumer behavior, and the construction of reality.

Since the summer of 2008, his main focus has shifted steadily from painting to collage. In his collages, motifs from the world of consumption are directly extracted from their original contexts to be presented in new settings.

As source material for his collages, Lang uses a variety of image sources, including magazines from the fields of television, fashion, sports, music, video games, gardening, holidays, and more. These collages are characterized by an apparently realistic depiction, whose artificial construction often becomes recognizable only in detail.

Lang enjoys playing with the contrast between appearance and reality, creating a world that appears realistic at first glance but reveals its artificial nature upon closer inspection. He employs the irritating moment by juxtaposing elements that do not naturally fit together but still convey a convincing impression.

Florian Lang has undergone a versatile education, including studies in architecture at TU Wien and in Artistic Education. He has also spent time abroad, including a semester in Glasgow and stays in London and Istanbul. Lang has been repeatedly honored for his artistic work, including receiving the Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst (Promotional Award for Visual Arts) and the Atelierstipendium in Paliano, Italy.