Julia Brennacher

The thematization of painterly space is a central element of Julia Brennacher's work. The physical process of painting, the interaction with the materials of the painting plays a role here, as well as dealing with the specific materiality and the basic conditions of the medium. Using different color materials - oil, acrylic and spray paint, which she interweaves or juxtaposes in her work - she explores painterly possibilities and effects. In terms of motifs, she limits herself to a reductive formal vocabulary. Curves, flat and linear set pieces appear and experience a spatialization in the superimposition of color layers and forms.

A major interest in her work is the interaction, the interplay of painting in a spatial context. How can painting organize itself in space? As a result, she develops her works in groups, which she also thinks of as pictorial ensembles in a space-specific manner and which she also repeatedly combines with pictorial objects. Julia Brennacher understands these objects as hybrids between painting and sculpture. They can serve as "pedestals" for large-format canvas works or as color bodies positioned in the room, which carry the painting directly into the room. Just as the formal structures of the works form visual networks by appearing in different forms in different works, the color elements in their mutual reflection are also designed to show connections, harmonies and dissonances. Her approach is playful and follows a logic that emerges from the painting process and marks the works as a visual investigation of painterly terrain.

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