Share your dreams

Young Art from the EU | 25 Artists from 15 EU Nations

This exhibition focuses on young art today at the beginning of the 21st century. 25 selected, striking positions of young art from different nations of the EU form an interesting dialogue of polyphony. The exhibition of Suppan Fine Arts offers these young artists from the EU a platform to show their work in an international context. Although art, which is not independent of market structures, but which focuses on the life experience of the individual protagonists, leads to completely heterogeneous results. Because each of the protagonists from the various EU countries represents a unique position with regard to their own concept of life, which must be realized within these limits. At the same time, as a counter-current to globalization phenomena and political surveillance systems, a new yearning for localization in manageable zones of personal identification becomes noticeable. Freedom, security, home and distance or strangeness become subjects of art under this aspect. Spaces of thought and free design zones provide the environment for the creation and development of new artistic ideas within a national and international barrier-free and democratic communication structure. Surprising clairvoyance on individual aspects of life today, creating a sense of identity or socio-critical provocative, imagined and aesthetically or formally reduced, the exhibits of the exhibition share your dreams show the creative sense of possibility of these art producers, for whom a technical skill and perfected implementation in various media is characteristic. These artists create singularities within the globalized, medially standardized and networked cultural scene. At the same time, regional individuality and individuality regain significance. The transgression of values, spaces and cultures characteristic of European society within the framework of individually experienced and collective history forms an essential aspect of these works.


Attila Adorján (HU), Suky Best (GB), Pirmin Blum (AT/CH), Josef Bolf (CZ), Anemona Crisan (RO), Béatrice Dreux (FR/AT), Joakim Eskildsen (DK), Birgit Graschopf (AT), Helmut Grill (AT), Rory Hamilton (GB), Sabrina Horak (AT), Markus Huemer (AT), Anja Jensen (DE), Alex Kiessling (AT), Anouk Kruithof (NL), Marko Lipuš (AT), Olaf Martens (DE), Marzena Nowak (PL), Eva Petrič (SI), Klaus Pobitzer (IT), Juan Rivas (ES), Dorota Sadovská (SK), Isa Schmidlehner (AT), Stefan Sehler (DE), Iv Toshain (BG).

Exhibition: 8 June - 4 July 2009
Opening Speakers: Dr. Wolfgangs Drechsler, Curator of the Collection, MUMOK Museum, Vienna; Mag. Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Counselor for Culture and Science, Vienna; Dr. Ernst Strasser
Location: Schottenstift, Freyung 6, 1010 Vienna

Installation views