Suppan Fine Arts presents RED, a group exhibition, in which the red colour plays a central role. Red dominant works by selected modern and contemporary artists are put in the foreground. The colour is one of the most powerful tools in an artist's colour palette and has been valued for its striking effect for thousands of years. Since the cave paintings, the colour red has played an essential role in art history. Red pigment from ochre was one of the first colours to be used in prehistoric art. Over the centuries, it has evoked emotions such as love, lust and anger and has served as a symbol of wealth, revolution and war.

This exhibition presents paintings and works on paper by artists such as Michael Craig-Martin and Rudolf Ray and highlights the different ways in which they have used the power of red in their work. In figurative works by Hugo Puck Dachinger, Otto Mühl or Bettina Rheims, the intense red shows the clarification of love, violence and tragedy. With expressive paintings by Hermann Nitsch or Matko Trebotic, the symbolization of death and the sacred can be observed. Other artists such as Victor Vasarely and Hildegard Joos use the red colour to irritate the viewer's perception by means of optical effects.


Christian Ludwig Attersee, Aron Barath, Michael Craig-Martin, Hugo Puck Dachinger, Dénesh Ghyczy, Adolf Frohner, Christian Hutzinger, Hildegard Joos, Nikolaus Moser, Otto Mühl, Hermann Nitsch, Georg Salner, Florentina Pakosta, Rudolf Ray, Bettina Rheims, Gabriele Seethaler, Peter Sengl, Hans Staudacher, Jeanne Szilit, Matko Trebotic, Victor Vasarely


June 18 - July 25, 2020

Gallery Location:

Habsburgergasse 5, 1010 Vienna

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