Hugo Puck Dachinger


A Classical Modern in London Exile

The exhibition itself once again shows a retrospective of this artist, who lived in exile in England from 1938. As a painter, graphic designer and designer, he is regarded as an internationally respected protagonist of Austrian exile art in England. His works are in important museum collections such as. The Walker National Museum Liverpool, Manx National Heritage Isle of Man, Jewish Museum of the City of Vienna, Nordico Museum of the City of Linz, City Museum Gmunden etc.

In the Modern Art Gallery in London, his pictures were u.a. next to those shown by Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst, Andre Masson, Oskar Kokoschka and Pablo Picasso. Although he had never given up his Austrian citizenship and every summer came to Gmunden summer resort, he died as Sebastian Isepp, Georg Mayer -Marton, Marie -Louise Von Motesiczky i.a. in his exile.

Installation views