Figuration/Abstraction in Austria

This group exhibition presents a selection of figurative and abstract post-war and contemporary austrian artists. It ranges from abstract expressionist works by Hans Staudacher, a large scale museum piece by Jürgen Messensee, last on display at Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna along with Diego Velázquez up to early and rare feminist figurative works as well as later tricolore paintings by Florentina Pakosta and geometric and constructivist artworks by austrian grande dame Hildegard Joos.

Exhibition: March 3 - June 6 2020
Location: Habsburgergasse 5, 1010 Vienna

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Hermann Nitsch | Hildegard Joos | Florentina Pakosta | Hans Staudacher | Wolfgang Herzig | Jürgen Messensee | Kiki Kogelnik | Franz Ringel | Markus Huemer | Georg Salner | Peter Sengl | Heimo Zobernig

Installation views