Damien Hirst

Dots, Spins, Butterflies & More

This exhibition of was the first solo show devoted to Damien Hirst organized by a private commercial art gallery in Austria. Suppan Fine Arts presented a selection of about 38, mostly small-sized Dot and Spin paintings by Damien Hirst as well as works from his workshop and a series of spin images from the years 1993 to 2011.

Born in 1965 in Bristol, UK, Damien Hirst studied at Goldsmith College in London and first gained public attention when he designed and curated the exhibition "Freeze" in 1988, both in his work and those of his fellow students were. More than a quarter of a century passed since this landmark exhibition, when Hirst became one of the most prominent artists of his generation and after numerous museum exhibitions and his successful show in Kiev in 2012 reached a climax with his Tate Modern show in London last year.

In 1992, he participated in the legendary Young British Artists exhibition of the Saatchi Gallery in London with his legendary shark in formaldehyde and won the 1995 Turner Prize. Among his best known works include various animals prepared by him in formaldehyde, huge spot spin and butterfly images, drug installations or the 2007, with 8,600 diamonds set skull "For the Love of God".

The exhibition was opened by Carl Aigner, Director of the NÖ Landesmuseum (Lower Austria State Museum)