Olga Wisinger-Florian

Olga Wisinger-Florian (November 1, 1844 - February 27, 1926) was an Austrian Impressionist painter known for her landscapes and flower paintings. Initially a concert pianist, she turned to painting due to health issues. She studied under Melchior Fritsch and, from 1879, with August Schaeffer von Wienwald. Emil Jakob Schindler heavily influenced her in mood impressionism. After separating from Schindler in 1884, her painting style became more realistic, later adopting expressionist colors. International recognition came through World Expositions in Paris and Chicago. She received awards, including the Grand Gold State Medal in 1905, and her works were purchased by notable figures such as Franz Joseph I. After her death, she was buried in an honorary grave at the Vienna Central Cemetery. In 2019, a square in Vienna's 4th district was named Olga-Wisinger-Florian Platz in her honor.


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